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Family Portraits That Last A Lifetime

Here at Abraxas Photography, we pride ourselves on giving you and your family precious moments captured in photos that last a lifetime. The images you have taken in your portrait shoot with us become a record of your family at that time. The newborn baby, the teenagers, the parents and grandparents all captured and presented beautifully to keep forever.


Your Enquiry

The very first step is reaching out to us to make your enquiry. We're very flexible with booking your dates in as we know that getting the family together can be a tricky task.


Your Private Shoot

.We capture your family at their best in our studio locations based in Bedford. We play off of your interests, hobbies and personalities to create images that truly capture you and your family.


Your Image Viewing

After your portrait session, we get to work on beautifully editing the images that were captured ready to present to you in your image viewing. Here you can decide what prints and wall products you'd like to purchase.


Looking for a family portrait?

As you’re probably finding out looking for the right portrait photographers isn’t an easy thing to do.


You’ll also find that getting your family or partner together at the same time also takes a lot of effort and some of them may not be all that enthusiastic about having their photo taken!


We’re totally confident that you’ll absolutely love what we’ll do for you and that you’ll enjoy the whole process. It takes hours of work on our part to shoot and prepare the highest quality images for you. We take real pride in what we do and we want to offer you the very best.

Before and after your shoot

The average time spent on a portrait session will surprise you, firstly our photographer will call you a few days before and talk you through your portrait session so you’ll know what to expect, we’ll go through clothing advice for colours, props and anything else that may be important to you.


Your actual portrait session is all shot in a natural and relaxed style and there’s no time limit set. It’s informal and relaxed so we can get the best from you. At the end of the session, we’ll provide you with a full price list including any current offers so when you come in for your viewing a few days later you won’t be shocked by the prices.


We never hard sell and the reason we don’t do this is simply that we’ve already provided you with a price list before you come in. You can set your budget before your viewing so you don’t feel uncomfortable and under pressure.


After your shoot your images will be edited and beautifully artworked to the highest possible standard, 


A few days after your shoot you’ll be invited back to view and order your images.


Choosing the right photographers for you

working as a team we provide the best possible service to you and your family on the day. our lead portrait photographer mark has many years of experience in the industry and knows just what to do to make sure he gets the best smiles out of all of you...even the little ones!

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