You never know quite what's going to happen at a wedding, we are faced with so many surprises that we have to be ready to capture them in both photos and video. Having two photographers as standard in all of our packages gives us much more of a chance of getting everything.

At Kayla and James' wedding the groom decided to spin the bride around and sweep her off her feet at breakneck speed! Nobody knew and if they did, we weren't told.

But we captured if from the front and back..."James, you may kiss the bride"

Misty, foggy, sun, rain...we've had it all with a number of recent winter weddings.

Nothing surprises us when it comes to the weather at this time of year and this year we've had a lot and we mean a lot of rain to contend with! Last weekend though we were very fortunate, yes it was cold but the sun was shining and we had this incredible mist at Shuttleworth House that provided a stunning backdrop for Kayla and James' wedding.

At this time of year our experience at shooting so many weddings really proves to be valuable as we have to shoot everything as quickly as possible as guests start to feel the cold. The damp air isn't great for hair(!) and most people want to be back inside....but the bride and groom want winter wedding photos so we try our best to keep everyone happy by working quickly and getting the essential photos completed.

It doesn't matter what time of year you're getting married, the weather is something you just can't control...what you can do though is to make sure you have a photography and video team that know how to handle these situations.

Check this teaser video and the drone footage at the beginning almost looks like CGI, but it was just the light on the day that was stunning.

So how valuable is your wedding photography? How much do you really think it's worth? £100, £500, £1000, £5000, £10,000?

Imagine a situation where you lose your wedding photos, for any reason, but let's consider one scenario where you lose all of the digital files because you never had a wedding album. The hard drive on your computer fails and you hadn't backed up anything because most home PC's are never backed up.

You panic and you call your photographer who you can either no longer get hold of, or he/she hadn't saved your photos after releasing them to you.

So they're lost, you can pay for data recovery which in some instances which can often cost a lot of money and you may have no option but to pay for the service depending on how valuable your data is.

But within that data are your wedding consider how much you would pay to get them back otherwise they are lost forever.

So images like this where the Groom is helped by his dad on the morning of his wedding are lost forever....